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Calibrator for delicate frutis

To calibrate the different types of fruit and vegetable products in the best way, the SMALLWAY calibrator is the ideal solution by Economy, Versatility, High production, Easy handling, Reliability and Modular design.

Citrus and small fruit calibrator

Citrus fruits are fruit that, like all delicate fruits, require particular attention when handling them. In order to meet the requirements of integrity and assurance of citrus quality,  ISCAN has designed a range of calibrators equipped with a number of sensors that detect: colour, diameter, control of external and internal defects.


Medium and large fruit calibrator

The electronic gauge ISOFTWAY is designed for the electronic classification of medium-spherical fruits (California peppers, Galia and Cantaloup melons, mango, papaya, avocado, etc.) with selection criteria by electronic weight with a Maximum production of approximately 30,000 fruits/hour/line.